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The story of ironDNS®

ironDNS® is the premium name server service for all those whose Internet applications are considered mission-critical.

In the beginning of 2006, a small team of software engineers got together for a brainstorming. The aim was to identify the future challenges in maintaining a stable Internet infrastructure. The outcome:

  • Software monocultures inadvertently, but drastically increase the vulnerability of the Internet.
  • The DNS is in urgent need of more diversity to face future threats.

Starting from these considerations, a completely new and independent name server implementation was devised. It was supposed to provide for future developments like DNSSEC, IPv6 and a new management concept for effortless scalability right from the outset. The result: ironDNS®

ironDNS® is a service that registries, registrars or companies can subscribe to. The software itself is not for sale. Contrary to open source software, the source code of ironDNS® will never be made public.

Thus, ironDNS® is the ideal complement for existing name server infrastructures. It in use not only for second level domains, but also for almost 50 TLDs.

“ironDNS® is a substantial enrichment of existing name server landscapes.”

Elmar Knipp

CEO of ironDNS®

World-class Name Server Infrastructure

ironDNS® concentrates on the essential duties of a name server infrastructure. Nice gadgets that are better implemented on the application level are deliberately left out. Stability, robustness and security are the absolute priorities of ironDNS®.

What ironDNS® is:

  • High-availability name server platform
  • Premium service
  • Written from scratch and completely independent of already existing name server software
  • For professional users, not for private users
  • For the following user groups: companies, registrars and registries
  • Easy to include in existing name server infrastructures
  • Also usable as basis for name server infrastructures
  • Customizable configuration according to individual customer needs
  • Neutral and completely independent service provider

What ironDNS® is not:

  • Not software that can be purchased
  • Not a URL redirection service
  • Not a free dynamic DNS service for home networks
  • Not a content delivery network (CDN)
  • Not a cheap mass hoster or web space provider
  • Not a DNS resolver or even open DNS resolver