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The timeline of ironDNS®

ironDNS® is not just a flash in the pan but a long-term project. The customers of ironDNS® can depend on their planning right from the start.

What the customer sees of ironDNS® is only the tip of the iceberg. Software projects of the magnitude of 350,000 lines of Java code require thorough planning and conceptual approaches.

On the other hand, ironDNS® is not inflexible and static. Quite the contrary: The choice of locations for the name server clusters is made according to the wishes of our customers. Furthermore, there are not only the standard products. It is also possible to set up individual products and feature sets. This is not as cumbersome and time-consuming as it sounds, but a realtively simple and fast process. A product configurator has been developed especially for this purpose.

The timeline makes the long-range nature of the ironDNS® project clear. To keep costs and schedules under control, a work breakdown structure (WBS) is used.

A substantial milestone in the domain business will be the introduction of new top level domains (TLDs). Although there have been several delays with the international awarding agency (ICANN) in the past, it can be assumed that the first new TLDs can be go live in the third quarter of 2013. ironDNS® with its shown timeline is positioned well for the new TLDs.

“ironDNS® is a really long-term project”

Dr. Oliver Küll

Project manager of ironDNS®