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ironDNS®: the solution
for registrars

ironDNS® offers products suitable for registrars. Registrars often suffer from the fact that the technical operation of name servers can be a nuisance, since it is not part of the core business.

Technical resources dating back to the beginning of the registrar business are often not adequate any more and dimensioned too small.

ironDNS® can be used to complement existing name server landscapes. In this way, diversity and robustness of operation is increased. On the technical side, AXFR/IXFR is used.

Alternatively, ironDNS® can also be used as the primary name server landscape. In this case the nodes are appropriately split up into two anycast clouds. Here, too, one can work with AXFR/IXFR. Another option is to feed the zone contents using the SOAP API.

Clear, Simple Pricing Structure

With ironDNS®, there are no hidden costs; the payment is already fixed at the time of signing the contract. One reason for this is that there are only simple flat rates. In particular, there are no usage-dependent elements of costs.

The full management and monitoring of the domains is included in all prices

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