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Telnic Limited

The Challenge

.tel domains use the DNS to publish contact information. This typically includes telephone numbers, which can be switched at certain times using profiles. Profiles can be "Work", "Home-Office" or "Holiday", for example.

The lifetime of DNS entries is determined by the time-to-live (TTL). The DNS entries themselves are kept in caches to reduce the load on the DNS servers.

The key challenge for Telnic was to find a DNS provider whose system is able to handle a very high load due to relatively short TTLs on the one hand, as well as to offer profile switching to the second on the other.

The Solution

ironDNS® has developed a special API for Telnic that allows provisioning of the anycast clouds. The intelligent algorithm tailored for Telnic ensures that all DNS nodes can switch at the same time to the second.

The system scales linearly, so even large data sets of several 10 million domains can be managed.

A feature that is new and so far unique is the possibility to publish NAPTR records either publicly (readable for any Internet user) or in an encrypted way. This encryption offers privacy protection for users.

About Telnic

Founded in 2000, Telnic Limited is the UK-based Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization for the new .tel sponsored top level domain (sTLD), which launched in March 2009 and which has over 300,000 .tel names registered. In 2009, it won a UK IT Industry Award as well as an InfoCommerce Group Models of Excellence Award.

„ironDNS® offers us the most flexible DNS solution.“

Khashayar Mahdavi

CEO, Telnic Limited