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The best software is of little use if its operation does not meet high standards. For this reason, ironDNS® has its own data centre and its own NOC.

Data Centre

The main office of ironDNS® is located in Dortmund, Germany. This is also where the proprietary data centre is located, home of the core functions of ironDNS®.

Mantrap ensures controlled access

The home of some ironDNS® servers

The data centre has been conceived to comply with the most demanding requirements. It has its own power input, transformer station, emergency diesel generator, uninterrupted power supply, climate control and fire extinguishing system. All designed in n+1 redundancy.

The same high standards set for the main office apply to the rented nodes all over the world, too.

Network Operation Center

The NOC is run in 24/7 mode. Monitoring encompasses core parameters like responsiveness of name servers, deployment latencies and DNSSEC signings. Secondary parameters like CPU load, number of database transactions, power consumption and “purity” of the delivered alternating current are also monitored.

The ironDNS® NOC during day shift

In case of anomalies, the ironDNS® staff is alarmed according to a special escalation scheme. Staff members then take care of the individual issue at hand.

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