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Asynchronous Full Transfer Zone,
Incremental Zone Transfer

Zone transfers are the easiest method of including ironDNS® into existing name server infrastructures.

Simple Extension

Extension by ironDNS® is an essential step towards diversity within a name server landscape and contributes considerably to the stability of the DNS.

If an already existing name server infrastructure is to be extended by ironDNS®, an AXFR/IXFR is administered in a few steps:

  • Allowing zone transfers from the IP ranges of the so-called “fetchers” of ironDNS® on the source name servers and the corresponding firewalls.
  • Key exchange (TSIG).
  • Activation on the ironDNS® side.
  • If dealing with a top level domain, the name servers of ironDNS® have to be registered with IANA as a last step.

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